Work Package 5

WP Leader: CMI

WP5: Creating Impact

The aim of this work package is to ensure that the results achieved in the project are effectively communicated to the stakeholders, collaborators and other industrial end-users and that active interaction occurs with industry. The acquired knowledge and developed technologies will be disseminated to industrial processes and procedures. Furthermore, artefacts, protocols and measurement technologies developed within the project might be the basis for future standards and innovative products, and therefore within this work package the exploitation of the intellectual property will be ensured.

Task 5.1 Knowledge Transfer

The aim of this task is to support the dialogue between the consortium and interested parties including; collaborators, stakeholders, the end-user community, academia, commercial companies, standards organisations and legislative bodies. The project results will be disseminated to the various interest groups via a number of mechanisms described below.

Task 5.2 Training

The aim of this task is to provide targeted training to the stakeholder community. The newly acquired knowledge and information of metrology in the field of optical fibres, waveguides and applications will be disseminated to the end-user community via a workshop at the end of the project. The workshop will be targeted to all the interested parties (industrial, standardisation, authorities etc.) and will focus on the new methods and techniques developed in the project. In addition, at least two training courses on different topics of the project will be held and an e-learning course module will be developed.

Task 5.3 Uptake and Exploitation

The aim of this task is to set a framework for the exploitation for the results of this project to the benefit of end-users and beyond. A strategy plan for exploitation and for IPR for the research related to this project will be written and a specific exploitation plan will be written. Eventually, contract negotiations will start with possible manufacturers on licensing the intellectual property produced within this project. One possible area for exploitation is fibre manufacture.

All IP and potential licencing/exploitation will be handled in accordance with the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement.