Work Package 3

WP leader: METAS

WP3: Development of fibre optic measuring instruments and artefacts

This work package will develop a fully traceable measuring instrument for the calibration of the angular resolved modal properties of multimode systems and will also fabricate artefacts for the calibration of the latest generation of high resolution single-mode and multimode optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDR).

Task 3.1: Angular Encircled Flux measurements

The aim of this task is to design and to build a fully functional system for Encircled Angular Flux (EAF) measurements and to establish full traceability for this quantity. The applicability of the proposed solution will be demonstrated throughout a series of inter-comparisons. The impact on the development of relevant normalisation documents (e.g. IEC 61300-3-53) will be analysed. The proposed method is based on an angle resolved analysis of the far field profile coming out of the multimode fibre. A correct implementation of this technique requires an in depth evaluation of the optical properties of the optics and of the detection system implemented in the instrument.

Task 3.2: Development of calibration artefacts for optical time domain reflectometers with high spatial resolution and for multimode instruments

The aim of this task is to address the calibration of the distance scale and of the attenuation scale of high resolution single mode and multimode OTDR and to develop a series of dedicated calibration artefacts for that purpose.

Task 3.3: Novel fibre coupled power detector

The aim of this task is to develop a new portable carbon nanotube based absolute primary standard detector suitable for in-field measurements in industry. Such systems have the potential to significantly shorten the traceability chain and thus provide lower measurement uncertainty for stakeholders.