Improved metrology for the photonics industry

Optical fibres and other photonic components are being increasingly implemented in many rapidly-growing and demanding areas, such as aviation electronics, telecommunications and the automotive industry.

Modern photonic systems use novel components with dimensional and optical properties that cannot be reliably measured using conventional techniques. Dedicated measuring instruments are commercially available for some of the required characteristics, but they are often not calibrated and provide insufficient accuracy. New measurement technologies and improved metrology are needed to meet the demands of the photonics industry.

illuminated waveguides2WP1-task1-1 fibre measurementsintegrated waveguide devices (sidewall grating filter)fourier transform spectrometer

The aim of this project is to develop characterisation and calibration techniques for the latest generation of photonic components and devices in both optical fibres and waveguides, which will underpin their development and manufacture. This will strengthen the competitiveness of the European photonics industry, enabling innovation and providing faster, cheaper data connections.